Ed is a highly experienced lighting and show designer working across concerts, touring, events and broadcast. He has designed and worked on numerous events both in the UK and around the world, ranging from small intimate settings to arena and stadium shows at the likes of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, and Capetown Stadium.

As well as being a highly accomplished designer, Ed's eye for detail and skills as a musician mean he is able to bring a special mix of musicality and creativity to his work, combined with the extensive technical knowlege and understanding neccesary to lead a show to fruition.


  • Concept & Creative Direction

    Working from the clients initial ideas and brief to develop a fully formed concept ready for presentation.

  • Design & DRAWINGS

    Development of concepts into a complete working design, and refined to integrate with other show elements. Production of full technical drawings and documents.

  • PREVIS / Programming

    Lighting, media server and playback programming, with previsualisation systems to allow the client to see and experience their show long before getting in the venue.

  • show delivery

    Finally implementing and operating the design on site, ensuring that all aspects of the show integrate and work together seamlessly.